Food Menu

Food on offer whether it’s for breakfast, lunch or in between….

We do our best to have these items available, but they can sell out.

Muffin of the Day 4.20          

Banana Bread (GF* option) 4.50

Oat & Chia Slice (DF WF, P) 4.00

House Bircher – whole oats soaked in fresh juice with apricots & sunflower seeds over natural yogurt topped with stewed fruits 6.95

Blueberry & Coconut Chia Pudding – organic chia seeds soaked in organic coconut milk & coconut cream with blueberries & a little honey, topped with toasted coconut (GF* DF P) 4.20

Raspberry Cacao Chia Pudding – organic chia seeds soaked in organic coconut milk & cream with raspberries, cacao and honey (GF* DF P) 4.50

Fresh Salads: selection varies daily 6.00-13.00

Vegetarian Wrap – selection can vary daily (GF*-option sometimes) 7.50

Curried Egg and Lettuce Sandwich with sprouts on fresh wholemeal bread 6.95

Brioche Roll of the Day 9.50

Chicken wrap – Free-range oven roasted chicken breast with a pesto sauce and lots of salad (GF* option sometimes) 8.95

Brekkie Panini- Free range eggs with bacon, a tomato kasoundi mayo & rocket on a Jordan’s Panini, toasted. (DF) 8.50

Tuscan Panini – Roasted eggplant, zucchini & capsicum with haloumi, spinach, red pesto & a touch of tahini on a panini, toasted 8.95

Chicken Turkish – Free-range oven roasted chicken breast with bacon, Roza’s garlic aioli &cos lettuce, toasted 11.50

Mushroom Turkish – sautéed mushrooms on Turkish bread with pesto, swiss, caramelised onion, beetroot relish & spinach, toasted 8.95

Olive Turkish – house made olive tapenade, roasted pumpkin & zucchini, feta, caramelised onion, mayo & spinach, toasted 8.95

Seasonal Quiche, House Pie or Frittata – selection varies

Soup (winter only) – selection varies (all GF and some also DF)

Bryon Gourmet Pies (winter only) – from 5.50

Walnut Patties 4.00 as burger when available 9.80


Pakora (chickpea battered veggie fritter) GF* 4.50

Plain Samosa (potato, pea, carrot) 5.50

Wholemeal spinach, paneer, potato Samosa 6.00

Curries (dahl plus mixed veggie) GF* 8.50

GF* please note these items do not have gluten containing ingredients however they may contain traces of gluten and are not suitable for coeliac.


On the sweeter side…


House-made Gelato & Sorbets 3.50 / 5.50 / 7.00 Take home 1L 18.00

Naked Treaties Range (organic, GF, DF, V)

Nickers Cake 7.50

Jaffa Ganache Cake 6.95

Mint Slice 6.95

Lush Ball 4.50

Bountylicious 4.50

Cranberry Ripe 4.50

Choc Mint Truffe 4.00

Sol bread Cookies with organic spelt flour – ANZAC / Fig & Macadamia / Choc Chip 3.50 Bliss Balls 2.40 GF

Brownies 5.00 GF

Please enquire about gluten / dairy free / vegan.